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Watch This Space

I am a science fiction writer planning to publish soon.

I dig sciences of all kinds; e.g. fractals and String Theory.

I am into crochet and cookie baking; I make a fabulous Yorkshire Pudding, and I roll my own sushi (and everybody else's at my birthday parties).

I am editor of my church newsletter; my church is Eckankar.

I sing and play music; but right now all I have to play is an electric piano. Right now, that's enough, though I do miss playing trombone and cello. The problem with those is that I have to build my chops again.

I dig Isaac Asimov, and I want Golan Treviz' gravitic ship (see _Foundation's Edge_ and _Foundation and Earth_)

I am a punster with groan-quality puns (sometimes so bad that people ignore me). The American language is my favorite plaything. I have been described as a wordsmith. This is probably an appropriate assessment; I am an artisan, not an artist.

I am a lost bookworm in that I haven't enough space to put the books I want, and all I have at this point are the ones on my perennial shelf--those I read at least once a year.

Martin Yan is the only Chinese cook whose recipes I trust to be authentic Chinese cuisine. He has a doctorate of humane letters for his work, and he is cute as a button; the only chef I know who makes music with a cleaver.

I have seven stuffed animals that share my bed; most of them aquatic (orca, baby stingray, baby sea turtle, two lobsters), but I also have a triceratops and a Mexican red-kneed tarantula among them.

My journal: Watch This Space
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